You Are WARMLY Invited To Join The One Of A Kind Movement Of Women
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St. Petersburg, Florida
We’re looking for women who aren’t afraid to step into BIG!

You’ve Just Found The Support Exclusive Network You’ve Been Looking For To Discover Your SUPERPOWERS!

Being a woman Isn't Easy
Wearing all our different hats of “Mom,” “Wife,” “Colleague,” “Businesswoman,” “Neighbor…” You can convince yourself that you’re the only one thinking: “I’ve got big ambitions and expectations of myself, but right now, it feels like someone, something, or even my OWN SELF is standing in my way to reaching my true potential. 

We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone

There are thousands of women who feel the exact same as you. And, once you surround yourself with those women, connect with them, and get their support you WILL discover your superpowers. 
You WILL: 
  • Be happy in your own skin 
  • ​Banish your demons 
  • ​Harness the powers within
  • ​Achieve your dreams 

You Will Never Experience Anything Like The Innovative Income Summit!

Every single Summit, amazing women from all over, with all different kinds of stories come together… and mountain-moving things happen! 
Our Summits have helped people:
  • Create lifelong friendships and support networks 
  • ​Forge business partnerships and transform careers
  • ​Rediscover or discover themselves after being so lost for so long
  • Feel ALIVE and ALIGNED again 

But what makes this Summit so unique?

The truth is, we aren’t afraid to create a space where women don’t have to humble themselves. 

We want to cheer them on and give them resources so that they can make big moves and make big money. We want to take women from fluid business or striving entrepreneurs to true CEOs and Visionaries!

We cultivate a community of high-caliber women, women who’ve already made their mark in other industries but are looking to monetize their passion and create a massive impact with it. 

We are on a mission to disrupt expectations for women not being assertive, and smart women being seen as aggressive or bitchy. We want to put a STOP to women apologizing simply for showing up for ourselves.
We have created a space for the woman who is ready to immerse herself in all things that will make her look selfish but make her feel aligned - because she deserves it!

Meet The Women Behind The Movement 

 Jessica Hurley
Jessica is obsessed with helping women identify their truest art form, embrace it, and use it to help set themselves and other women free. 

She’s the host of the popular podcast, “The Stranded Phase,” with over 120,000 downloads. The concept is simple - to help women to learn to embrace feeling stuck and then use it as a catalyst for success in their lives. 

Jessica is also the founder of Instapodcasts. A podcast and media management agency created to help busy business owners and entrepreneurs expand their brand through podcasting and the power of storytelling. 
Megan Galane
Megan is the founder and CEO of The S.O.S. Advantage and she’s a true believer that anybody can build a business off the back of their own life story and experience. 

The S.O.S. Advantage is an agency that scales operational systems in established companies to assist in decreasing costs while increasing profits.
Megan is also the founder of The S.O.S. Team. This team helps people to find a virtual assistant with ease and remove themselves from their business so they can focus on CEO tasks.
Together, Megan and Jess have crossed-leveraged every one of their skills to help each other build wildly profitable businesses
As a team, they created Innovative Income from the ground up in 2020 with just 12 women showing up at the time to now serving over 200+ women each year. They are on a mission to teach others about how they built their businesses by leveraging Megan’s system and processes skills and Jess’s messaging and marketing skills. They want every woman at the summit to meet someone they can partner with and leverage each other's strengths and weaknesses to scale their existing or next venture! 
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